Keywording guidelines

Adding keywords to your photos help people search for and find your work. Here are some ideas to help you write the best keywords.


Why are Keywords so important? Simple, better keywords equals more money. You increase the chances of your image selling exponentially when you add relevant keywords. That’s why we encourage you to add at least applicable 10 keywords. This simple task will maximize your photos' discoverability and provide your work with the exposure they deserve. Keep in mind, we ask that you use English keywords whenever possible.

Photos without people

If your photo doesn’t have people in it, here are some suggestions to describe your photo.


  • Style – blur, silhouette, faded
  • Layout – color background, copy space, cropped, cut-out, white background
  • Viewpoint – aerial, close-up, from above, from behind, from below
  • Location – indoors, outdoors, studio shot

Objects, animals and things(must be the main focus of the photo)

  • Name of object or animal
  • Common breed name
  • Scientific name for plant/flower


  • Thoughts, feelings, emotions and ideas (go light – use one or two concepts at most)

Photos with people

If your photo does have people in it, take a quick look at these keyword suggestions.

  • Combine age and gender – baby boy, senior woman
  • Age range ‐ 40-44 years, 70s adult, todler
  • Ethnicity – Chinese ethnicity or Asian ethnicity
    (be as specific as possible, but broader is acceptable)
  • Total number of people depicted – 3 people, large group, nobody
  • Length – full-length, half-length, or head and shoulders
  • Eye contact – Use looking at camera or ‘looking away from camera’ when people are the focus of the photo
  • Roles – painter, hiker, couple
  • Actions – painting, hiking, swimming, jogging, jumping, working, etc.
  • Events – meetings, weddings, Christmas, birthday parties, etc.