How to contribute your photos

Learn the ins and outs of how to submit your photos, the review process, and more.

How do I submit my photos to Marketplace?

To enable your photos for licensing, they must first be uploaded to 500px community site and pass a content editing review. Please note that you cannot submit your work only to Marketplace, but if you’d like to keep your Marketplace submissions separate from your main body of work, you could use the ‘Sets’ feature to group your images.

To upload your Marketplace images, simply visit your Photo Manager, select the photo(s) you'd like to submit, and enable the ‘Marketplace’ option in the right hand sidebar. Make sure to provide high quality keywords so that your photos can be searched, include model releases for photos that have recognizable people and check that your submissions do not contain digital borders or personalized watermarks. You can always protect your work by enabling 500px watermark by selecting this option from the right hand sidebar.

After you clicked ‘Save’ the content is submitted for a review. You will be notified when your submission is accepted for licensing or if there are any problems with it. After that your photos are available to license by publishers, advertisers and marketers from all around the world! You will receive notifications whenever your photos get licensed and will be able to see your sales and get paid out through your 500px Store Settings

How fast is content reviewed?

All content is reviewed by professionals with significant experience in the creative sector and image licensing who review your files on an individual basis. Content editors inspect submitted images at 100% for quality guidelines as well as their commercial value and relevancy to current visual trends and needs. We recommend that you do the same with your content prior to submission in order to avoid unnecessary rejections.

Content submissions are reviewed throughout the entire week. It usually takes 14-21 days for content to be reviewed. However, during times of increased submissions traffic, the reviewing process time may take up to 4 weeks.

If necessary, you may contact us with the image ID number should you be experiencing a delay of over 4 weeks and we will investigate the matter.

How do I re-submit content that was previously reviewed?

If you made the changes suggested by the reviewer, you are encouraged to re-submit content that was rejected. You can review the suggested changes in two ways:

Refer to the rejection email that you received after your image was reviewed. It outlines why your image was rejected, suggests steps you should follow to make your image suitable for licensing and has a link to the licensing form of the image in question;

Go to your Photo Manager and click on ‘Marketplace’ in the left hand sidebar. You will see a list or rejected photos under the ‘Changes Required’ section. To see a list of the necessary changes, click on the ‘Changes Required’ text in red in the top right hand sidebar and a flyout window will guide you through the licensing errors.

Content that was approved but has since been deleted by you will need to be resubmitted and reviewed like any other new content.

Are my submissions available to potential clients while in review stage?

All photos marked with “License Pending” or "Secure this photo. Be the first to license it" red bar indicate that 500px has not validated the appropriate commercial licensing forms or confirmed the quality of the photo, or that they are currently in review. In case somebody buys your photo that is pending review, or that you have not yet submitted for licensing while having your Marketplace enabled, our 500px Marketplace research team will reach out to you with further instructions usually within 24 hours.

Are photos under review in the Core or Prime Collection?

All photos under review will stay in the Core Collection. After the photos are reviewed, the Prime Collection photos will be moved to the Prime Collection. You can see the number of photos that have been reviewed by looking in your Photo Manager.

How do you market my work?

Our collections are available to all our clients around the globe. We also highlight our artists across our social media channels. We feature new artists each week in specific newsletters or weekly digest emails and on our ISO blog. Read some of our contributors’ success stories.